Keep your mind sharp.

The mental aspects of the martial arts work toward developing mental self discipline. Learning how to be more disciplined not only helps you excel in Marital Arts it helps you excel in every aspect of life. Remembering the terminology, learning and understanding the patterns of movements, along with free sparing and goal setting, both short term, and long term, are used to develop mental self discipline. An example of setting and working towards short term goals would be testing from one belt to the next on the way up the rank ladder. All the short term goals and knowledge are accumulative and build toward the long term goal of Black Belt. A process that usually takes about five years. Self Discipline involves training both the mind and the body to push yourself both mentally and physically to due what it takes to achieve both the short term and long term goals. Here at Crawford’s TKD we do both. These benefits can be applied to every aspect of your life, especially academically, and professionally, at any age.

Confidence & Defense

Martial arts instructors, like all good teachers, are never fully satisfied with your performance. They are always encouraging you to try harder, to move faster, or to make your stances better.

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With such a lengthy and diverse history, martial arts are among some of the best forms of exercise because of the variety of techniques and exercises to be learned.

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Classes at Crawford's TKD are always running. You can join at anytime and we'll give you the attention needed to get you started right. Check out our schedule page to see what dates and times classes are, and if you have any questions, just contact us using the form below.

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