Sweating never hurt anyone.

Many studies have shown that regular exercise, compared to a nonactive lifestyle, boosts your quality of life and your health. Exercise and proper nutrition can help you ward off many of the leading health issues, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and lung illnesses, among others. Here are just some of the proven benefits a martial arts fitness program has to offer.

Conditioning - The martial arts are a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles.

Flexibility & Agility - Practicing martial arts increases flexibility and agility, thereby improving your coordination skills.

Posture - Good posture is beneficial for your health and can make you look and feel better.

Weight - By burning calories and toning muscles, martial arts help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight.

Stamina - Since martial arts provide a full-body workout, they increase overall stamina and endurance.

Mental Health - In addition to improving physical fitness, martial arts can improve mental and emotional health. As you learn self-defense moves, martial arts can give you greater self-confidence, reduce your stress levels, and help you to concentrate and focus.

If you're looking for a way to boost your self-confidence, learn self defense and stay fit without doing the same old routine at the gym or on the treadmill, give martial arts a try. Martial arts isn’t right for everyone, but it might be perfect for you!


The mental aspects of the martial arts work toward developing mental self discipline. Learning how to be more disciplined not only helps you excel in Marital Arts it helps you excel in every aspect of life.

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Confidence & Defense

Martial arts instructors, like all good teachers, are never fully satisfied with your performance. They are always encouraging you to try harder, to move faster, or to make your stances better.

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Classes at Crawford's TKD are always running. You can join at anytime and we'll give you the attention needed to get you started right. Check out our schedule page to see what dates and times classes are, and if you have any questions, just contact us using the form below.

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